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Forbes’ pre­dic­tions for tech­nol­ogy strat­egy in 2015 aren’t so out of the box for what they’re fore­see­ing, and are sort of pre­dict­ing them­selves. They project com­put­ing will be every­where and it all rides on the user’s expe­ri­ence. Isn’t that really what it’s been rid­ing on all along? The trend of com­put­ing being every­where, well, that’s not a sur­prise is it? I pre­dicted that in 2012.

commons.wikimedia.org_Internet_of_Thingsimage credit: commons.wikimedia.org

The Inter­net of Things (IoT), what does that even mean? Basi­cally, if some­thing has an on off switch then it can be an IoT. It’s some­thing that can be con­trolled via the Inter­net. Think of cable tele­vi­sion or satel­lite TV. You can log into your account and set a TV show to be recorded and lit­er­ally be thou­sands of miles away from your tele­vi­sion. How about start­ing your car via the Inter­net? Or, turn­ing on home secu­rity and lock­ing the doors? Viola, IoT is born.

I like Forbes’ idea that 3D print­ing is on the verge of get­ting cheaper. Cheaper is always a good thing when it takes less money out of a pocket and it doesn’t mean some­thing is “cheap”. Forbes pre­dicts this trend will have the biggest affect on the pock­ets of con­sumer appli­ca­tions, bio­med­ical indus­try and indus­trial sec­tors. Hope­fully, more money in their pock­ets will trickle to more money in the public’s pock­ets. Read it all…




Q100 NYE Party

at the District


Buckhead’s Biggest

.New Year’s Eve Celebration!


Buckhead’s Only Ball Drop


Where Andrews Enter­tain­ment Dis­trict 8 venues


When  Wednes­day, Decem­ber 31st

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Wel­come to the Great Pre­tenders Imag­i­na­tive Play Give­away Event hosted by
Do you know the major ben­e­fits of pre­tend play? No? Well, read on to learn more and don’t for­get to enter the giveaway!
Chil­dren learn by imag­in­ing and doing. The process of pre­tend­ing builds skills in many essen­tial devel­op­men­tal areas. Dress-up play is vital to a child’s devel­op­ment. Accord­ing to licensed child psy­chol­o­gist Dr. Lau­rie Zelinger, “It fos­ters the imag­i­na­tive processes, and allows for play with­out rules or script. Dress up allows for exper­i­men­ta­tion, role play and fantasy.“

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Spe­cial Guest Appear­ances
NASCAR Cham­pion and Hall of Fame mem­ber Bill Elliott
Wayne “Hill Billy” Nix from the Discovery’s hit show Moon­shin­ers

Moon­shine Tastings

Four infor­ma­tive sem­i­nars with tastes and inter­ac­tion

Live Music

Andrews Enter­tain­ment Dis­trict will host the first Andrews Moon­shine Fes­ti­val on Sat­ur­day, Octo­ber 18th. Buckhead’s 1st moon­shine fes­ti­val will fea­ture a diverse selec­tion of over 50 local and national moon­shine vari­eties from apple pie to pro­hi­bi­tion tea fla­vors as well as enlight­en­ing sem­i­nars, live music from the Gary Ray Trio and spe­cial guest appearances.

Get Your Tickets!

VIP tick­ets are $60 and include early entry at 1pm.

Gen­eral admis­sion is $30 with doors open­ing at 2pm.

A por­tion of the pro­ceeds will ben­e­fit the Shep­herd Cen­ter, a pri­vate, not-for-profit hos­pi­tal devoted to the med­ical care and reha­bil­i­ta­tion of peo­ple with spinal cord injury and dis­ease, acquired brain injury, mul­ti­ple scle­ro­sis and other neu­ro­mus­cu­lar problems.

“Pro­vid­ing guests with a true moon­shine expe­ri­ence, we are thrilled not only to fea­ture vast vari­eties and fla­vors of moon­shine but also to host experts pro­vid­ing four infor­ma­tive and inter­ac­tive sem­i­nars at one event,” said Andrews Enter­tain­ment Dis­trict Pres­i­dent Stephen de Haan. “The Andrews Moon­shine Fes­ti­val will fea­ture every­thing there is to know about moon­shine and so much more.”

Don’t Miss the Fun!

See NASCAR Cham­pion and Hall of Fame mem­ber Bill Elliott, the Daw­sonville Moon­shine Stock Car, Wayne “Hill Billy” Nix from the Discovery’s hit show Moon­shin­ers and more!

There will be four infor­ma­tive sem­i­nars fea­tur­ing tast­ings and inter­ac­tions with the guests through­out the event!

For more infor­ma­tion visit Do.Food.Better.!


When I was a kid I loved so many sports. I loved play­ing rough and being com­pet­i­tive. My favorite was soft­ball; I played 1st base for a league in Lyons, Ga. and on New­nan, Ga.‘s First Bap­tist Church’s team. I loved it! They called me stretch cause at 4′ 11″ I would extend myself like those tall girls! Ha! I was going to catch that ball and my foot was NOT leav­ing that bag! The young girl in this pic­ture reminds me of my days of hang­ing in a bull pin.

Safeskin-Lady Generals

When I had kids they caught my love bug of sports. My son more than my daugh­ter though. Stephanie dab­bled in Lacrosse, and Josh pitched in Lit­tle League and even got scouted. My boy had one heck of an arm! I was so proud of him! Unfor­tu­nately girls entered the pic­ture and he lost inter­est. Now that he’s mar­ried how­ever, he’s on a soft­ball team and lov­ing it again. Noth­ing like being a part of a team and feel­ing that strong team spirit and the bond that comes with it. So much learned from such a great expe­ri­ence. Dis­ci­pline, struc­ture, expec­ta­tions, punc­tu­al­ity, reli­a­bil­ity, hard work pays off, if you want to be good at some­thing it takes prac­tice, and so many more valu­able lessons to use in life. Yep! There’s more!


I Dream In Color

July 26, 2014

Stand­ing Taller. My foot­steps are lighter. What an ELATED WONDERFUL FEELING! I. Dream. In. Color. Some day soon. I will write my story. Be ready for it. It’s a pow­er­ful one. </>

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Happy 30th Birthday Brittany

July 25, 2014

Dear Brit­tany, Good morn­ing baby girl. How’s Heaven treat­ing you? I hope it sur­passes all I’ve heard about it. I want over-the-top fab­u­lous for you. Noth­ing less is accept­able. At. All. The past two weeks have been the usual. They started out me feel­ing aggra­vated and I didn’t know why. Anx­i­ety popped it’s head up […]

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What if?

July 6, 2014

Kids. They’re a work in progress. They’re going to be care­less. Some­times you just want to shake some sense into them. (Not lit­er­ally, but you know what I mean.) . Image Credit: Flickr Arnooo This past year has been a truly try­ing one for me. There’s been anger, hurt, aggra­va­tion, dis­ap­point­ment beyond dis­ap­point­ment, ter­ror beyond any […]

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Enter to Win — Marvin on the Move Tote! Ends 7/14

July 2, 2014

Choose Your Favorite Messy Mar­vin Tote! Hurry Ends 7/14! Wel­come to the Messy Mar­vin — Mar­vin on the Move Tote Give­away!!! Hosted By: Sweet South­ern Lovin Spon­sored By: Messy Mar­vin Messy Mar­vin was founded by Rebekah Woodard. Being an inte­rior designer that has worked with many clients with dif­fer­ent styles and tastes, she has always taken into account […]

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