Happy 30th Birthday Brittany

by Linda Carmical on 07/25/2014

Dear Brit­tany,

Good morn­ing baby girl. How’s Heaven treat­ing you? I hope it sur­passes all I’ve heard about it. I want over-the-top fab­u­lous for you. Noth­ing less is accept­able. At. All.

The past two weeks have been the usual. They started out me feel­ing aggra­vated and I didn’t know why. Anx­i­ety popped it’s head up a lit­tle and for the life of me I couldn’t fig­ure out why. Did I eat the wrong thing? Do I need to eat? Is my blood pres­sure up? I have pos­i­tive, happy things hap­pen­ing so I should be feel­ing elated, not anx­ious! What the heck!

Then, it hit me. I knew. The 25th was right around the cor­ner. No won­der. How could I be so dumb? It’s the same rou­tine as the last 30 years. How could I not have known why? It’s not like I can ignore it.
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What if?

by Linda Carmical on 07/06/2014

Kids. They’re a work in progress. They’re going to be care­less. Some­times you just want to shake some sense into them. (Not lit­er­ally, but you know what I mean.)


Image Credit: Flickr ArnoooImage Credit: Flickr Arnooo

This past year has been a truly try­ing one for me. There’s been anger, hurt, aggra­va­tion, dis­ap­point­ment beyond dis­ap­point­ment, ter­ror beyond any ter­ror I’ve ever known, and so much heartache I thought the anguish was squeez­ing the life right out of my heart. Through it all, it’s been why did I let this hap­pen? Why would I put myself through this? Why did I give in to my heart and let myself believe he loves me? Why did I take a chance? Why would I be so mean to myself and let this hap­pen? Yep! There’s more!


Choose Your Favorite Messy Mar­vin Tote!

Hurry Ends 7/14!

Wel­come to the Messy Mar­vin — Mar­vin on the Move Tote Giveaway!!!

Hosted By: Sweet South­ern Lovin

Spon­sored By: Messy Mar­vin

Messy Mar­vin was founded by Rebekah Woodard. Being an inte­rior designer that has worked with many clients with dif­fer­ent styles and tastes, she has always taken into account their lifestyle. When she began design­ing for clients with small chil­dren and pets. When she began search­ing for fab­rics that would not only be beau­ti­ful but also strong, stain-resistant, and easy to clean there was noth­ing to fit that. The only thing there was, was clear plas­tic tarps and can­vas tie cov­ers. So after months of research she decided to cre­ate her own line that met the needs of all the “messy mar­vins” in our lives. All Messy Mar­vin prod­ucts are con­structed of a cus­tom wipe-able and rinse-able fab­ric. The fab­ric has a sim­i­lar look to woven linen, but the fab­ric is actu­ally made out of 100% lead free Poly­ester with a water and stain repel­lent coat­ing. Messy Mar­vin fab­rics do not need to be laun­dered. To ensure noth­ing gets through the sur­face to your fur­ni­ture all fab­rics also have a lead free PVC back­ing. Messy Mar­vin prod­ucts can go into the wash­ing machine but do not dry as the coated back­ing may shrink or crack with heat. But most foods and drinks can just be wiped right off the Messy Mar­vin fab­ric. Yep! There’s more!


Back to School in Style Event Announcement

by Linda Carmical on 06/21/2014


BTS Style Giveaway

  Back to School in Style Event

Orga­nized by: Mom Pow­ered Media

10 Win­ners each receiv­ing a $100 Gift Card

Event dates: 7/21 thru 8/4

Give­away is open to U.S. and Canada Residents


Please tell them I sent you!


Wordless Wednesday | See anything?

by Linda Carmical on 05/28/2014

5-24-14 Mirror 5

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Dads and Grads Giveaway Hop | ends 6/8

by Linda Carmical on 05/27/2014

 photo dads-and-grads-giveaway-hop-250_zps0a386db4.jpg


Wel­come to the
Dads and Grads Give­away Hop
From May 26-June 8
Every par­tic­i­pat­ing blog­ger is host­ing their own give­away worth at least $25.
You can visit the list of blog­gers below and enter to win every prize!


In 1982 I left Geor­gia and went to Mis­souri to visit my mom for one month. I met a man sta­tioned at Ft. Leonard­wood, MO and stayed over one year, even got mar­ried. When he got out of the Army we made our way north­east and then hit I95 south and didn’t stop until we parked in my dad’s dri­ve­way. He took us in, no ques­tions asked. No hes­i­ta­tion. Just opened the door and showed us to  my old bed­room and said “wel­come home.” I think that may have been the last year I gave him a Father’s Day gift.

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Wordless Wednesday — Here Kitty Kitty

May 21, 2014


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Happy Mother’s Day to Me

May 11, 2014

. Absolutely the best . 2014 Mother’s Day gift in the world. My lit­tle pump­kin butt.

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Surround Yourself

May 7, 2014


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Hide-N-Slide Playhouse Giveaway #SummerDreams

May 3, 2014

School is nearly out and warmer tem­per­a­tures slowly make their way around the cor­ner. The year is nearly have over and we have yet to have enough fun. So why not start your sum­mer off right with a club­house wor­thy of a super smile, the Hide-N-Slide Playhouse.  

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